Christopher Dresser Style Silver Plated Tea Pot / Teapot (New)

Made in United Kingdom
This wonderful Silver Plated Tea Pot is a reproduction of Christopher Dresser’s iconic Tea Pot originally made by James Dixon. Dresser is known for his unique approach to design, creating objects of a completely unique and visionary aesthetic, far ahead of his contemporaries. While his original pieces can fetch tens of thousands of pounds in auctions, this reproduction Tea Pot is of impeccable quality, and a chance to own and use of piece of design history.

This Tea Pot has a square form and stands on 4 feet. The handle of the Tea Pot is a dark wood.

This Tea Pot is brand new.

Approx. Weight – 525.6g
Approx. Height - 186mm / 7 ¼ inches
Brand New
Weight 571g / 18.36oz

Height 186.00mm / 7 inches

Was £350.00,   Now £180.00
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